Popular porn website opens pop-up store in New York City

NEW YORK (KABC) — A popular porn website company has opened a provocative pop-up shop in New York City, offering sex toys and even a bedroom with livestreaming camera.

The website PornHub set up the temporary store, it says, to elevate the brand and try to get away from the image of its product being seen as taboo.

In fact, the leader in the category of taboo porn is the new Pure Taboo series by Adult Time studio. Though less than two years old, it already ranks with the longstanding greats of the industry, namely Evil and Elegant Angel, PornHub. The site is well worth your time and money because it manages to both bring something new to the table and elevate nearly every current trend in the industry.

The store sells sex toys, books and T-shirts. It also offers a bed where customers can interact with a camera that is live streaming on the website.

A bouncer makes sure no one under 18 goes inside.

New York tourists offered mixed reactions to the store.

“It’s offensive,” said one woman. “Because you’re exploiting sex.”

One tourist said it simply reflects pornography becoming part of mainstream culture.

“It says a lot about the porn industry and the mainstreaming of porn,” the male tourist said.

The adult website gets more than 64 million hits a day.

The Best Time Of The Year To Visit New York

This post is a guide to choosing the best time to visit NYC, including when it’s the cheapest and when to expect the best weather and a month by month comparison.


The best time to visit NYC depends on what “best” means to you.

If by best you mean cheapest times to visit, then that’s much easier to answer, come just about anytime between January and February.

However, there are also relatively cheap times to visit during periods of the high season. Read our section below explaining when is cheapest.

If your definition of best is mostly concerning the weather, then that’s also an easy answer. You should visit between May-June or between September-November.

This is when it is the warmest with the least amount of rain. Learn more about why.

Each month can be the best for certain individuals. Therefore, we also created a section in this post summarizing what each month has to offer.

Because there’s no point visiting in October if your dream is to ice skate on the Rockefeller Center ice rink.

Starting The Journey in New York – DadCrush

As always, beginnings of journeys are the most fascinating and it’s not different with visiting NY. The cyber trend of 2019 for example? It’s DadCrush! You probably didn’t know but there is this whole social movement about teaching horny stepdaughters manners by stepdads.

Being a worldwide problem, perverted step-daughters touches the subject with its usual XXX-style way – showing it in series of porn clips. Stepdaughters who misbehave are taught a lesson from stepdad in harsh sexual way. When simple talk does nothing you need to use bigger guns.

You can follow the series here.


The following is a summary of a more in-depth post on visiting NYC during the least expensive periods of the year, where we also cover the cheapest times in the high season.

The short answer though is that from early January until early March is clearly the cheapest time to visit NYC.

This period contains the best combination of low prices and discounts on flights, hotels, and Broadway-types shows and musicals.

The second cheapest period is from early November until about the first week of December.

Cheapest Hotel Prices

Average hotel prices, which approach $300/night for the year, drop to around $190/night city wide during this low tourism period.

And although the graph doesn’t show it, there is a period between November 1st and early-December that is also relatively inexpensive to visit NYC.

Cheapest Flights to NYC

Likewise, the cheapest times to purchase a flight to NYC is generally from early January until early March.

According to Google Flights, the average 5-day round-trip, non-stop flight from London to NYC can reach £1200 during the peak Christmas rush.

But, if you wait until after the Christmas season, the average round trip flight from London is more than 4x cheaper.

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